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Our team of consultants and private banking recruiters, headhunters and experts provide a wide selection of search solutions for a range of Private Banks, Boutiques, Family Offices, Wealth Managers, Fund Managers and Investment Houses around the world. We regularly find all nature of businesses and global industry players across the global Private Banking sector the talent they need to grow their business. We have also placed large numbers of candidates in their ideal roles through the expertise and network of our team of dedicated and specialised consultants.


Our Practice Areas


The Private Banking team has been working with an international clientele, helping them to source candidates who can offer tailored cross border and off/on shore solutions to their clients. Redstone Private Banking Search has a global network of candidates and a comprehensive research team to assist, discover and extract the best in global private banking talent.

The Wealth and Asset Management team maintains a global portfolio of a variety of wealth and asset management advisors.  In the past few years emphasis has been on client relationships, consistent returns and transferable client portfolios. The team retains developed relationships and is well placed to monitor and react to industry changes and modernisations. We focus on:

  • Wealth Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Investment Analysts
  • Research Analysts
  • Financial Planners
  • Asset Managers
  • Independent Financial Advisors


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